Justin Sinclair is a vibrant soul whose pursuit of a meaningful life births stories and songs.
He’s always in pursuit of another truth to be discovered and a new good to delight in, and beautiful music documents his journey.

Through childhood, the Beatles gave him a musical vocabulary…
Through highschool, he learned to perform by street-performing with a ukulele, a “shoebourine”, and a kazoo.

A Music Composition degree helped him develop a mastery over music…
And a Great Books minor offered a philosophical foundation — 100+ books from some of the greatest thinkers in history. 

Now he’s opened for the likes of The Brilliance and Dominic Balli, and his house concerts have been said to turn strangers into family. 
His concerts are spontaneously crafted to suit the audience – he picks from 50+ original songs for the most meaningful conversation possible.  

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Below is a full catalogue of his previous work:

The Portion

Young Sinclairs

Redeemer Church, Songs for Our Family